The COVID-19 outbreak (if we survive it) will change our world in ways that we cannot yet imagine. It will change the way we communicate, it will change the way we work, it will change the way we do business, it will change the way we study/learn, it might even change the way we worship.

Most importantly, it will change the world economy.

Companies and organizations are now beginning to appreciate remote working, as opposed to the regular walk-in/clock-in work environment.

With all these, we need to equip ourselves with the necessary capacity and tools to face the future (which remains unknown for now).

There’s no better time for us to start preparing than now, we need to use this time to learn;

  • New systems of communication.
  • New ways of doing business
  • New styles of working
  • New methods of learning
  • New means of earning
  • New approaches to doing things

We should, as a matter of necessity, learn new ways of living (existing – as the case may be).

One major driver of the change we are going to experience will be TECHNOLOGY. It’s here already, it has come to stay and will surely change things for us.

We can use this stay-at-home (or Work-from-home) period to learn new technologies and how we can use them to our advantage amid a global crisis and/or after the crisis.

On this note, I, in company with some well-meaning IT professionals have decided to run a FREE Virtual ICT Training classes during this period.


Note 1: It’s FREE!!!

Note 2: Only serious persons with the zeal to learn, unlearn and relearn.

Note 3: This is 2020, so we don’t intend using the 1990 approach of training, hence we are going to provide training on practical/applicable areas of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in business and workplace.

Note 4: To fully embrace this, you will need to have the necessary tools; some of such tools are; computer (desktop, laptop, palmtop, etc), internet connection.


The training is going to take place on a virtual video conferencing platform that will be disclosed only to interested and serious persons.


To be communicated to interested persons.

Time Table

Mon, Wed, Fri (2pm – 3:30pm).


Computer system (Laptop, desktop, etc), Internet connection.

How to Join

Interested persons should click on the link below to join the telegram group where training links and other information will be shared.