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As we are moving through the age of technology convergence. We can have a mobile interface for your website and there will be a URL redirect if there are requests from the mobile phones. Mobile websites are specifically designed for viewing on Mobile Devices such as Mobile Phones. Until recently websites were meant to be seen in a computer that has a large screen for viewing, along with reasonable computational power & Internet speed. But mobile phones, in general, have smaller screens & are far less powerful than a computer. Also, their internet connection speed is much slower.

So, websites in their current form cannot work well on mobile phones. Hence, there is a need for websites, to be specially created for mobile phones. We can design standards-compliant mobile websites.

The mobile websites may use a slightly altered HTML version, but what is key is that they need to adhere to the standards and “Mobile Web Best Practices” as laid down by the World Wide Web Consortium in association with the .mobi advisory group..