IT Support & Consultancy Service

One of our core business is providing IT excellence to companies, businesses, schools and other educational establishments. In particular, our ICT Support Service is designed to ensure that issues and problems are dealt with professionally and effectively and, where possible, avoided through preventative management and maintenance. The aim is to ensure that ICT systems and networks are available when required to support learning and the minimum class time is lost through faulty ICT equipment.

Our ICT Support Service has been developed through working with corporations, industries, large businesses and educational Authorities over a long period of time. It continues to evolve to meet the changing requirements and expectations of our customers as well as the changing technologies found in our customers’ environments.

Our ICT Support Service is also used by number of commercial businesses to meet their system support requirements.

Key aspects of our ICT Support Service

  • We provide a proactive fault resolution and preventative maintenance service for ICT and interactive whiteboard systems.
  • The service is a series of regular time-tabled visits by a named technician (subject to operational requirements and availability).
  • Our Engineering department is made up of dedicated and focused technicians with higher level expertise and experience to tackle even the most complicated issues.
  • We support all the main technologies in use in your organization / business / company – not just equipment we supply. We will liaise with suppliers and manufacturers to deal with warranty issues.
  • Our team can train and support company staff in the practical use of ICT. This will increase staff’s knowledge and confidence and enhance their ability to deliver using ICT.
  • You will not have to worry about your computer repairs, software Installation, Network Installationand management, printers and other gadgets repair, ICT Purchase advice. we take care of it all.

Our ICT Support Service provides high quality, responsive, flexible and proactive support to ensure that you get the most out of your investment in ICT. The service is tailored to your specific requirements and offers excellent value for money.
We are always happy to tailor our ICT Support Service to the specific requirements of our customers. Please contact us to discuss how we can help you. Email us at or call on 0703-549-0311.


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